Akai’s MPC Renaissance Controller

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If you’re looking for old-school MPC functionality, but coupled with a modern twist, then the Akai MPC Renaissance may just be the perfect product for you.

With the Maschine, Native Instruments demonstrated that there’s a massive market out there for MPC style products that you can connect up to your computer for ease of integration and maximisation of productivity in your recording studio, and Akai took note of this by bringing the MPC Renaissance to the table.

You now no longer have to worry about the memory constraints of your MPC as it’s your computer that you’ll be relying on for this now, and the MPC Renaissance really is a fantastic piece of kit that you can connect up to your computer and get making beats on in no time.

The MPC Renaissance is a fantastic little hardware and software package. If you’re familiar with the MPC setup of old then you’ll no doubt find getting to grips with the MPC Renaissance incredibly simple, it’s just that you now no longer make beats on the MPC in isolation, you do so with this fine piece of kit connected up to your computer.

Below is a video of this great Akai controller in action:

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