Breathe Carolina – Blackout

Breathe Carolina is an electronic rock duo that has been spreading its joy now since 2007. ‘Blackout‘ is the latest single to have been released by the band, an infectious electropop gem that sounds 100% like it has been made for the radio.

With its exciting electronic edge, ‘Blackout‘ has all the makings of being a successful single; simple yet effective, ‘Blackout‘ is most definitely a track that hits the spot, doing so with incredible  style and supreme flair. The track is unashamedly cheesy, there’s something incredibly gripping about its simplicity and as the band smashes through its chorus there’s a great level of power that comes from the lyrics here. “I’m only getting started, I won’t blackout” shouts the band, also emphasising the lyrical line of “This won’t stop till I say so” through repetition. These are not the most intellectually profound lyrics you’re ever likely to come across in a track, the band certainly has a lot to offer here however, and its through its supreme simplicity that this single works so well.

The exciting electronic duo that is Breathe Carolina will be heading to the UK next month for a co-headlining tour with dubstep outfit Tek-One. This band’s brand of electro rock may not be for everyone, Breathe Carolina and Tek-One should be a pretty exciting double header however, so if you’re up for an evening of electronic excitement thenI’d definitely recommend heading along to one of the shows if you can.

If you’re not yet familiar with the work of Breathe Carolina then be sure to give ‘Blackout‘ a listen. The band’s third studio album ‘Hell Is What You Make It‘ is available now through Fearless Records.


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Rich Leigh
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